ELOIRÉ, proven by its effect

Eloiré is a visionary with 20 years of therapeutic medical aesthetic experience. We have listened closely to the skin-related concerns of our customers to create results that meet their needs.

Based on our successes, we continue to create something extraordinary delivering the best experiences, safe solutions and most effective results.

Eloiré is synonymous with Elogio Asia’s belief in skin health. Its three key pillars are to Prime, Regenerate and Protect.

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Eloiré believes in three key brand values in order to maintain the consistency and the development of the brand; Therapeutic, Innovative and High-Tech to its skincare solutions.


Advanced ingredients in our products that provide immediate and regenerative action.


Contemporary consumers who are digitally savvy and are able to upkeep with modern technology.


Products that are able to achieve fast, immediate results, in-sync with regenerative and therapeutic ingredients so as to cater to busy individuals.

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Preserve skin barrier

With effects-focused ingredients that contain only the necessities, we provide the best ingredients that focus on essence and function while delivering excellent results until the very end.

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Improving basal cell metabolism

We offer safe ingredient benefits to the skin through the use of advanced custom absorption technology that fully delivers the effects of our carefully selected ingredients.

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Reduce oxidative stress on the skin

Based on the needs and data of customers, we take a deeper approach to various skin concerns in a rapidly changing environment. We have thoroughly verified the effects and safety of our carefully selected ingredients and products using our custom absorption technology.


Eloiré is the first premium B2C skincare e-commerce brand launched by Elogio Asia. As a new premium skincare brand, Eloiré aims to seek both innovative skincare options and high-tech products with hopes to highlight the importance of skin health and skincare through education, as promised by our brand tagline, “Skincare with a Difference”.

As an extension of Elogio Asia, Eloiré is synonymous with its' belief in skin health. Armed with the mission to educate our consumers on the right skincare products along with the fundamentals of skin health, Eloiré takes pride in focusing on the value of education, following the rise of conscious, consumerism, personalized skincare and high-tech home devices.

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Eloiré Vision

To be the premium eCommerce brand for skin regeneration while providing quality skin-related products for the consumer.

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